Who Are We?

Left Coast Kratom is a family-owned herbal products company based in Portland, Oregon. We started our company in 2017 after seeing the poor quality products and poor quality service running rampant in the Kratom industry. With so many companies selling Kratom with little or no quality control standards, we knew that we could do it better! Left Coast Kratom adds excellent customer service with superior quality products to bring you a better Kratom shopping experience.

Why Shop WIth Us?

As your boutique source for Kratom, we are committed to providing superior quality, lab-tested products at prices that you can afford. At Left Coast Kratom, we prioritize customer service and consumer education above all else. We aren’t some fly-by-night Kratom vendor whose products will disappear as quickly as they appeared. We’re in this for the long haul, offering a variety of Kratom products for everyone from newbies to connoisseurs. But what makes us different, you ask? Here are just a few things that separate us from the rest:

  • ⦿ Long-standing and well developed relationships with our suppliers ensure a consistent quality product.
  • ⦿ Double laboratory testing of all products for alkaloid content, heavy metals, and other contaminants.
  • ⦿ Commitment to advocacy. We donate a portion of every sale to Kratom advocacy groups.
  • ⦿ Loyalty Program. Our customer rewards and loyalty program can’t be beat. Earn progressively larger discounts the longer you’re a customer. Good for the lifetime of your account.

Lab Testing & Quality Assurance

At Left Coast Kratom, we recognize our responsibility to protect both our customers and the industry as a whole. We are proud to participate in the American Kratom Association’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. Click here to learn more about our quality assurance and testing practices.

The health and safety of our customers is important to us. That’s why we’ve remained steadfast in our compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and continue to audit our facility and supply chain regularly. As a company, we are committed to providing safe and effective products for our customers. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!