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Kratom Capsules

For your convenience, Left Coast Kratom has encapsulated a range of our high quality Kratom products. Find all of your favorite strains, from Bali to UEI in our all natural vegan capsules. Order today and receive free same day shipping and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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5 Reasons We Think You’ll Love Kratom Capsules

Kratom powder usage has been trending upward for a number of years, and that’s unlikely to change in the coming years. When many people think of taking Kratom, they think of drinking Kratom tea or another concoction to ingest the Kratom powder. And while tea is a great way to take Kratom, we think there’s another ingestion method you might love.

Have you ever considered using Kratom capsules instead of brewing tea? Using capsules isn’t a new thing, but it is something that many Kratom users haven’t yet tried out.

And we think you might really enjoy it if you give this type of ingestion a try!

Curious to try something new or simply ready to stop brewing up Kratom tea? Then check out these five reasons that we think you might enjoy mixing it up with capsules instead!

#1 Convenience

The first reason that you might enjoy trying out Kratom capsules is because of how convenient they are. Sure, tea might be very enjoyable for you to make and drink, but you can’t easily create it when you’re in a rush or on the go.

If you’re going on a trip, headed out of town for the weekend, or just planning to be very busy for a few weeks, Kratom capsules make it possible for you to still take your usual serving without having to bring tea with you.

Capsules are quick, easy, and neat. Even experience tea brewers can make a huge mess when they’re brewing, and you don’t always want to have to deal with the straining and the clean up of making Kratom tea.

Kratom capsules are very convenient, and that’s the main reason we recommend giving them a try!

#2 Skip The Taste

If you’ve been trying Kratom tea but you haven’t yet become accustomed to the taste of it, you might find that using Kratom capsules instead can be much more enjoyable. When you use capsules, you nearly bypass all of the very strong and bitter taste.

Kratom tea has a very strong – and surprising – taste when you first start drinking it. While most people adjust and come to find ways to make it suit your taste, it can be a difficult process for those with more picky palettes.

When you take a Kratom capsule, you don’t taste anything. You can get any size capsule that you want as well, so you don’t have to worry about swallowing a giant pill if you have difficulty swallowing pills.

#3 Fewer Side Effects

For some Kratom users, there are fewer side effects when Kratom is taken as a capsule instead of as tea. This can’t be said to be a universal scenario, but changing from tea to capsules has made a huge difference for some users.

In particular, some people have found that the capsules are more comfortable for them than powders or leaves when taken in similar amounts. Additionally, some people reported having fewer negative effects when they were first increasing the amount they consume.

Regardless of whether or not you have this exact experience, trying out a different method of Kratom consumption can help you to figure out which method works best for your needs and preferences.  

#4 Affordable

Here is another one of the things that I love most about using capsules: they are affordable! Some people falsely believe that taking Kratom capsules is sure to be more expensive than making tea because capsules on the market often work out to be a little bit more expensive than bulk powder.

And sure, there is a little bit of validity to that statement. After all, the change in packaging is going to cost something!

But what if I told you that you don’t need to pay much more because you can buy your own capsules and fill them with powders that you buy in bulk? Sure, it takes a little bit of time, but you’d be surprised how easy it is.

When you put together Kratom capsules on your own by using bulk powder and capsules, you’ll be able to use Kratom just as affordable as when you are brewing tea, and you won’t have to spend all that time on making the tea!

#5 Customize Your Experience

Finally, let’s talk about the number one reason why some people prefer to use capsules over Kratom tea. That would be because you can easily customize your mix and experience!

If you want to take a slightly smaller serving today, you can by simply making a slightly smaller capsule. If you want to try a new mix of powders that you have, you can. All you need to do is mix the powders together and then add them to a capsule for easy consumption.

Using Kratom capsules can be an incredibly personal and custom experience. You’ll start to feel like a scientist who is working in their lab to create the perfect serving size. In a way, you’re doing just that! You’re going to be able to create your perfect Kratom mix using capsules, and it’s very easy to do.

Of course, you don’t have to make your own capsules if you don’t want to. There are also dozens of different capsules on the market that are pre-made and pre-mixed in different ways. To save time while still having a variety of capsules on hand, you could buy various capsule packs.

Capsules Could Be Your Kratom Future

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways that taking Kratom via capsule instead of through Kratom tea might be appealing. In a way, capsules are a much more simple and direct way of using this powder supplement.

Still, using capsules won’t be for everyone. Most people like to use more than one method of consumption depending on the Kratom strain, the serving size, and the mood that they are in on any given day! Learn about both methods so that you can mix it up whenever you feel ready for something new.