Kratom Extracts

Kratom Extracts

Left Coast Kratom provides superior quality Kratom extracts and enhanced Kratom selected by our in-house production team and trusted outside suppliers. From the ever popular Gold Reserve to the lesser known enhanced Maeng Da, we’re sure to have an extract product that fits your needs.

All of our extract products are double laboratory tested and compliant with the American Kratom Associations GMP program. Order today and receive free same day shipping and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Kratom Extracts: Left Coast Kratom Enhanced Kratom & Extracts

Have you ever tried using kratom extract rather than kratom powder? Have you heard about it and wondered if it was the right choice for you to try?

Kratom extract differs from kratom powder in that it is much more potent than the powder. The extract is made through a process which leaves behind a thick paste that contains concentrated alkaloids, resulting in a product that is up to 15x stronger than kratom leaf or powder. Extracts can be used in much smaller servings, but they aren’t the right choice for everyone.

Let’s take a look at what enhanced kratom powders and kratom extracts available from our store right now.

#1: Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI)

Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) is a standardized enhanced kratom which contains 250mg of alkaloid per 5 grams of the enhanced powder. This powder is typically made with a green vein Indo kratom, and then this kratom is infused with even more alkaloids. That is what makes it ultra enhanced.

UEI powder is known to be one of the strongest versions of kratom, so be sure to start with a very small amount. After that, you can gradually increase the how much you consume. If you use too much of an ultra enhanced kratom immediately, you may not love how you feel.

#2: Kratom Extract Samples

This item from our shop is just what its name says: Kratom Extract Samples. This is a special offer item that we are really excited to share. You can get a sample of one gram of any of the kratom extracts for a fixed price. If you spend enough, the sample will be free!

All of the 10 other products on this list today are included on the samples, so you can get as many or as few samples as you want to. We highly recommend trying out as many different extracts as you can. Every extract is different, so you want to be able to try them yourself to decide what you really think about them!

#3: Gold Elephas Kratom Extract

The Gold Elephas Kratom Extract that we supply at Left Coast Kratom has over 250 mg of alkaloid content in each one gram serving. The blend mixes traditional kratom powder with pure alkaloid to create a more potent final product.

#4: Private Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract

We’re excited to introduce to you the Private Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract, a specialty of Left Coast Kratom. This unique liquid kratom extract is a premium Maeng Da Thai leaf extract liquid.

When you break down the bottle’s composition, there are 112.5mg of mitragynine in the bottle and 37.5mg in each serving.

#5: Platinum Kratom Extract

Our Platinum Kratom Extract is a unique blend of a 48% pure alkaloid extract and Maeng Da Leaf Kratom. This propriertary blend has 13% mitragynine per gram, and we’re sure that many of our customers will enjoy this exploration into the Platinum Kratom Extract.

#6: Left Coast Gold Kratom Extract

The Left Coast Gold Kratom Extract is another one of our proprietary extracts. This blend has approximately 9% mitragynine per gram. For those that usually like Gold Reserve extracts, you will surely enjoy this one! To create this powder, pure mitragynine powder is blended with the highest quality White Maeng Da leaf.

#7: Full Spectrum Kratom Extract (FST)

The Full Spectrum Kratom Extract (FST) is a white vein, liquid Kratom extract. This mixture contains ethanol and citric acid, and the bottle contains over 70mg of pure alkaloid content. The triple-filtered final product is one of the best products we have ever offered.

#8: FSE Kratom Extract

The FSE Kratom Extract is another liquid extract worth sharing – but you might not want to! Every bottle contains over 11 grams of Bali Kratom leaves, and that leaves the bottle with 1.7% mitragynine Bali leaf powder extract. The blend is a great mix of red and white vein varieties for balanced final extract.

#9: Gold Reserve Kratom Extract

If you want to try a kratom extract that has been a long time favorite among kratom users, you cannot go wrong with the Gold Reserve Kratom Extract.

This extract has about 8x the alkaloid content that its original form, Sudanese powdered kratom, would have had. Our unique blend has more than 250 mg of alkaloids per gram of extract, so you know it’s powerful!

#10: 50x Kratom Extract

The 50x Kratom Extract is one of those unique blends that are made from water and fresh leaf extractions. The process helps to ensure a high mitragynine content of 11%. Because this amount is so high, the total alkaloid content may be as high as 25%.

#11: Maeng Da Kratom Extract (Full Spectrum)

Finally, let’s look at the Maeng Da Kratom Extract (Full Spectrum). This unique extract powder is made using what is known as an all-natural extraction method. This method keeps many different substances intact to give us a full spectrum kratom extract.

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