Batch Guide: How To Make Kratom Tea

Once you’ve decided that you want to give Kratom a try, you will have to choose what type of consumption method you want to use. While many beginners stick to liquid extracts or capsules for the ease of use, veterans of Kratom enjoy experimenting with different varieties of tea powders and tea brewing methods to spice up their tea.

Making Kratom tea, as hard as it may seem at first, isn’t actually any harder than making any other tea! The main thing that should concern you is whether or not you enjoy the final product so that you can adjust your brewing method until you get it just right.

While you will ultimately need to make personalized adjustments to your tea brewing method to suit your own needs, we are going to share our favorite methodologies for brewing Kratom tea. Use these methods as a starting point, and then get creative from there.

Beginner Notes

Before we get into the methodology of brewing your own Kratom tea, allow us to share a few important tips and tricks that will help to ensure that you get it right from the start.

  • Do not mix Kratom tea powder with boiling water.
    Adding Kratom powder to a rolling boil is going to destroy a lot of the powders natural alkaloid content, and that is the main benefit of using Kratom. Instead, allow boiling water to cool for a minute before you start the brewing steps or add the powder when the water is just starting to simmer instead of boil. Trust us on this one!

  • Try adding citrus juice.
    It’s been suggested that adding something acidic such as the juice of a lemon to your tea will help to keep the alkaloids from being released during the brewing process. Doing this regularly will keep your tea brewing more consistent between batches.

  • • Only keep your tea for up to five days.
    It can be tempting to try to brew a huge batch of Kratom tea to last you for a few weeks, but the simple truth is that the powers of the Kratom will not be able to stand up to that long in the refrigerator. Instead, plan only in five-day batches.

  • • Longer gets stronger.
    The longer you boil your Kratom tea, the stronger the flavor will become. Kratom is naturally quite bitter, so keep this in mind as you experiment with your tea taste.

  • • Everyone’s body differs.
    While we suggest that everyone start with no more than one or two grams of Kratom tea powder per cup, everyone’s body is different. You will need to monitor your body’s reactions to Kratom to determine the best serving size for your body.

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Method #1: In A Pot

Making Kratom tea in a pot on the stove is a great way to make a larger batch that you can share with friends or store for up to five days in the refrigerator to enjoy later. It’s pretty easy to do as well!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • • Large pot
  • • 1 liter of water
  • • Kratom tea powder
  • • Cheesecloth or a mesh strainer

Here’s what to do to prepare your tea:

  1. 1. Put the water in the pot and boil it.

  1. 2. Lower the heat and allow it to cool down from the boil for at least two minutes.

  1. 3. Add the appropriate amount of Kratom tea powder or leaves for your own needs to the water.

  1. 4. Simmer for up to 20 minutes. Adjust the length according to your personal taste and needs.

  1. 5. After simmering, use either the cheesecloth or mesh strainer to remove the tea leaves.

  1. 6. If you were using a powder, allow the powder to settle to the bottom and then pour off the liquid that settles on top.

Once you have this tea concentrate ready, you can then prepare yourself a cup of tea! We recommend mixing the tea with a citrus juice or adding a sweetener like honey, agave, or maple syrup to the tea to drink it. Of course, the taste of Kratom is quite powerful. Chugging it is going to be easier than trying to sip it!

Method #2: Tea Pot

Like standard teas, you can make Kratom tea from powder or leaves in a teapot as well. This is a great method when you want to enjoy it immediately and don’t need to make a large batch that can be used for a few days.

Overall, this method is probably the simplest to do, but it doesn’t differ much from the large batch method except in the container that you use to boil the tea.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • • Teapot
  • • Water
  • • Kratom tea powder or leaves
  • • Tea bags or a mesh tea strainer

And here’s what to do:

  1. 1. Add the wanted amount of Kratom tea powder or leave into a tea bag or mesh strainer. If using a strainer, we recommend sticking to Kratom tea leaves for a cleaner final product.

  1. 2. Boil water in your teapot. Allow it to cool off slightly.

  1. 3. Put your tea bag or mesh strainer into your mug.

  1. 4. Add water.

  1. 5. Steep for anywhere from five to twenty minutes depending on the strain, your taste, and your patience! Ultimately, you can stop it whenever you want.

Adding a slice of lemon and some sugar or honey to tea prepared this way is a great way to improve the flavor of your mug of Kratom tea. If you would prefer to have this iced, add any desired sweeteners to the tea while hot. Then, pour the tea over ice or store it in the fridge overnight to enjoy the next day!

Kratom Tea: Variety Is The Speciality

These are just the two most common ways that people prepare Kratom tea. There are, of course, other ways that you can go about making tea, but we’ve found that these are the most straightforward and effective ways of brewing, especially for those who are new to the world of Kratom.

Remember that your creativity can be explored when making Kratom tea and trying different products. By altering which strain, serving sizes, sweeteners, and brewing method you use, you’ll be able to try Kratom tea in many different ways. Explore these ways to see which type of tea you like the most!