The Fine Grind: What Nano Kratom has to Offer

Do you keep up with the latest in kratom news? Are you always excited to learn about new botanical products?

Then get ready to learn about nano kratom!

Nano kratom is a unique type of kratom powder that isn’t yet stocked by many vendors, but it is possible that you’ll be seeing more of this type of kratom in the future. Many enthusiasts are thrilled to mix nano kratom in with their usual lineup for a completely new experience.

Getting Fine with Nano Kratom

Nano kratom is a type of kratom powder. Unlike standard powders that have a relatively coarse grind, nano kratom features an incredibly fine grind. The grind is so fine that the powder can be absorbed more quickly in various liquids. Nano kratom is known for taking effect more quickly and having a shorter duration. However, this can vary.

Benefits of Nano Kratom

Why would a finely ground kratom powder be appealing to kratom lovers? Some believe that nano kratom has a few major benefits that make a difference in how the body processes the powder.

First, the finely ground powder is much easier to mix into different liquids. For those that make tea, mix kratom into juice, or other utilize the botanical in liquid, this can be a huge benefit. Even if the hydrophobic qualities of kratom cannot be completely overcome, the finely ground powder is much less gritty in liquid compared to other powder types.

Second, early research and anecdotal reports suggest that nano kratom is absorbed more quickly by the body. If true, this would likely be because the fine size of the kratom can be more easily processed and absorbed. The onset of nano kratom could be more rapid than other kratom types if the body can access the alkaloids rapidly.

Finally, some botanical vendors suggest that the quality of kratom is intrinsically better in nano kratom. Due to the milling and extensive filtration process needed to create nano kratom, they believe that more contaminants are removed.

To us, this final point is the least important. All kratom should be thoroughly tested, regardless of how it is milled. If kratom is being tested to industry standards, the milling type should not matter when it comes to safety and quality.

Making Nano Kratom: What’s the Process?

Nano kratom is often made using nano mills. Unlike disc mills which are used to process standard kratom, these mills grind the powder much more finely. During the grinding process, nano kratom is finely filtered as well.

The end result is a kratom powder made up of tiny particles that are just microns in size. This is much smaller than traditional, coarsely ground kratom powder.

Other than the difference in milling, however, there isn’t a lot of difference between nano kratom and other kratom powder. The difference in nano kratom products will come from differences in kratom leaf quality, harvesting procedures, packaging, and other post-harvest processes. Nano kratom can be made from any leaf type, and it is even possible for kratom extracts to be finely ground.

Is Nano Kratom Right For You?

Kratom users that enjoy mixing up their kratom supply may be interested in adding nano kratom to the lineup. How do you know if this product is right for you?

Can you try a new product?

First, ask yourself if you are comfortable getting to know a new product. While nano kratom is made from the same base kratom leaf, the way that your body processes it is different. This means you should take time to start with a small serving and find out if and how nano kratom works with you.

This investigative process can take some time, so you should only explore nano kratom if you are prepared to do this.

Do you have a safe source?

Another thing to ask yourself is whether or not you have a high-quality source for nano kratom. Not all vendors create this type of kratom yet, so you might have more limited options. Before trying anything new, be sure that your kratom source is reliable and thoroughly tests their products.

This is always going to be an essential part of the buying process. Pure kratom is key to enjoying this botanical safely. Until kratom vendors are all held to the same standards in the US, doing research into the vendors you support is key.

How do you use kratom?

Finally, consider how you like to consume kratom. If you are someone that does toss and wash or mix kratom into liquid, nano kratom may be a great fit. For those that create capsules, however, there might not be a huge difference in the experience.

Of course, the experience is different based on your individual physiology. Whether or not you’ll find finely ground kratom to work well for your body is up to you.

A Commitment to Quality

As of writing today’s article, we don’t have any nano kratom products available in our line. We are always exploring new options and would only add new kratom categories if we are confident that they are quality additions to our line.

If you are interested in seeing nano kratom or other new botanical products, feel free to reach out to us at any time. We’re happy to take your suggestions and answer any questions about our current lines. Our commitment is to your safety and the safety of our products, and we’ll do whatever we can to provide that assurance.