How To Know If Your Kratom Is Authentic?

Are you looking to buy high-quality, authentic Kratom but don’t know where to go?

This herbal supplement from Southeast Asia is gaining in popularity, with users consuming it to alleviate their depression, pain, and even anxiety symptoms.

In fact, research suggests that up to 16 million Americans regularly enjoy Kratom’s benefits. And as Kratom’s usage prevalence is increasing across the country, so is the number of vendors. 

Now, while some vendors are legit and sell high-quality, unadulterated Kratom, there are also many scammers who will trick you out of your money. And what’s maybe worse is that some vendors sell fake Kratom, which can have serious health consequences.

Unfortunately, you can’t distinguish authentic Kratom from bad quality Kratom by just looking at it. The only way to avoid bad surprises and ensure you buy top-notch supplies is to buy from a trustworthy vendor.

And to help you find the right Kratom vendor, we’ve highlighted below the key things you should look for when buying Kratom.

Look For AKA GMP Qualified Vendors

Vendors import the Kratom leaves, blend them, package them, store them, and are responsible for testing them in a lab for purity and potency.

So, if you want to know if a vendor is selling high-quality Kratom products, you need to check whether they’re listed as a GMP Qualified vendor on the American Kratom Association’s website. GMP stands for good manufacturing practices. 

In 2019, The American Kratom Association created the AKA GMP Standards program to set high standards in terms of the manufacturing process and ensure Kratom lovers could access authentic and high-quality products. After a strict and diligent third-party audit conducted annually, vendors that meet the program’s standards can obtain their AKA GMP qualified status.

Left Coast Kratom is proud to achieve AKA GMP compliance certification every year. Our facility is frequently audited and routinely passes inspections.

Avoid purchasing your Kratom from people on Craigslist or eBay, as this is a surefire way to receive counterfeit products. 

Customer Reviews

Did you know that in 2018, 199 people across the country got infected with Salmonella?

The FDA later discovered that the outbreak was due to the consumption of Kratom contaminated with the bacteria!

Today, customer reviews are a fantastic way for new customers to assess whether a vendor is trustworthy and avoid buying contaminated Kratom. But it’s also a good way to find the best strain for you based on the feedback of other customers.

Some of the other benefits of reading online reviews include assessing real shipping times and customer service as well as understanding the company’s refund policy.

Also, as a word of advice, don’t read the first couple of reviews you see and assume that they are legit. Unfortunately, depending on the medium they’re published on, they could be fabricated. For instance, if the reviews are on Facebook, make sure to check the Facebook users’ accounts to ensure they’re real. 

If the reviews are only listed on the website, and nowhere else, it could be a red flag.

Health Claims

Kratom is not yet fully FDA-approved. This means there are restrictions regarding what Kratom vendors can say about their products. For instance, they are prohibited from making any health claims such as telling customers their product can treat specific diseases or positioning their product as a medicine. 

If a vendor sells Kratom claiming benefits such as ‘’stops depression or addictions, improves sexual performance or treats diabetes’’, you should look for another vendor as this is illegal, calling into question the vendor’s legitimacy.

Even though Kratom has many health benefits, more research is needed for the botanical product to be fully endorsed by the FDA. Reliable and high-quality Kratom vendors will follow the guidelines and comply with the regulations, and any vendor doing otherwise should raise a red flag.

Be Wary Of Alluring Deals

Sure, buying a Kratom product for a 75% discount is appealing.

But the reality is that when a deal is too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. Always compare pricing for the same strains and never go for extremely discounted products. If someone is offering huge discounts and selling at very low prices, they’re likely cutting corners, and the quality of your Kratom might be impacted.

And that’s a wrap!

We hope this blog post will help you source the finest quality Kratom and enjoy the many benefits of this botanical product. If you have any more questions about finding authentic Kratom, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to help!