An Introduction To Kratom Blends From Left Coast Kratom

We’re starting the New Year with a bang! Left Coast Kratom is proud to announce the launch of two new proprietary Kratom blends to begin your New Year on a high note. No pun intended!

Left Coast Kratom hit a new milestone this week as we launched Kratom blends for the first time ever. Our happy customers who loved our Kratom products were flooding us with emails requesting special blends that combined the alkaloid properties of different strains. We listened to them and had our R&D team experiment with various combinations of Kratom strains and sources.

We’ve finally perfected the right set of blends that deliver everything our customers wanted out of Kratom blends and more. Here’s why our Kratom blends are flying off our proverbial shelves.

Freshness and Novelty

Kratom has become part of mainstream pop culture in recent years, and there are now millions of Kratom users in the U.S. alone. Although Kratom isn’t a new fad, its popularity has soared lately. Dozens of Kratom strains and products are imported from all over South Asia to meet the burgeoning demand for Kratom powder, extracts, gels, capsules, and other Kratom products. 

However, as with anything you consume frequently, routine always makes things stale, especially with Kratom. Perhaps, that’s why they say that variety is the spice of life! So, Kratom users seek different strains and often try products from different origins just to keep things new. For them, Kratom blends are a perfect way to enjoy multiple strains simultaneously. Kratom blends give them a unique experience, unlike anything they’ve enjoyed before. That’s one of the appeals of Kratom blends.


Anyone can prepare Kratom blends. Even you can mix up two packets of two different Kratom strains to create a new blend. However, what you cannot do is ensure consistency each time. It’s also painfully difficult to find the right ratio of individual strains that will create the perfect blend for you.

Fortunately, vendors like Left Coast Kratom design Kratom blends based on inputs and feedback from customers and early testers. So, you can be sure that Left Coast Kratom’s Kratom blends would appeal to a vast number of Kratom users, as they’ve been perfected with constructive feedback during testing.

More importantly, Left Coast Kratom creates Kratom blends in small batches to exert complete control over strain strength, quality, origin, and supply chain processes. So, our customers get Kratom blends in precise ratios and enjoy them just the way they like each time. There are never any unpleasant surprises in terms of quality.

Now that you understand why users choose Kratom blends over regular Kratom products, here’s everything you should know about our new Kratom blends.

Blended Kratom Powder

Blended Kratom Powder is the ultimate Kratom extravaganza. It combines yellow, red, white, and green strains of Kratom to give every type of Kratom user something to relish and enjoy.

After testing various combinations and ratios, we have developed this proprietary blend that takes Kratom users through the day. Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up in the morning, or a relaxing evening, Blended Kratom Powder is the perfect everyday workhorse for you.

Blended Kratom Powder is a major upgrade for Kratom users who have tried various strains of Kratom and are now experiencing “strain fatigue.” This blend spices things up for such Kratom users with something unique and refreshing.

Enhanced Blended Kratom Powder

Enhanced Blended Kratom Powder is our top-class proprietary Kratom blend for one of those days when regular strains and blends just don’t do the trick. It’s the perfect blend for people who are looking for something a little extra with their Kratom.

Enhanced Blended Kratom Powder combines red, yellow, white, and green veins into a 5% standardized mitragynine content per serving. Standardizing the alkaloid content ensures you get a consistent serving every time.

What’s special about Enhanced Blended Kratom Powder is that it’s infused with a special Kratom extract that gives it a more concentrated alkaloid profile. Remember, Enhanced Blended Kratom Powder is designed for experienced Kratom consumers who are looking for something more than what a regular strain offers. When you’re ready for it, Enhanced Blended Kratom Powder will give you an experience unlike any other you’ve had before. 

3 Reasons for Buying Kratom Blends from Left Coast Kratom

Kratom is something you put in your body, so you shouldn’t willy-nilly buy it from a random smoke shop or online vendor. You should make sure that your Kratom supplier is trusted and reliable. Here are 4 reasons for choosing Left Coast Kratom:

American Kratom Association’s GMP Certification

We are part of the American Kratom Association and strictly adhere to their current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Program. Prerequisites for certification include a rigorous screening process for suppliers, strong environmental controls against pathogens at production facilities, robust sanitation controls, and so on. With every pack of Kratom you buy from Left Coast Kratom, you buy trust and safety.

Lab Tested for Contaminations

Left Coast Kratom’s products are tested in independent labs for heavy metals content (lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium), and microbial contamination. We only sell products that pass the tests.

Third-party Audit of Facilities

We periodically audit our entire supply chain, including our packaging and supplier facilities, to ensure that strong quality and contamination prevention controls are in place.

Try Our Kratom Blends Today

Our Kratom products are a result of extensive lab testing and user feedback. Our early users have all loved them and we continue to receive positive response from our fans. So, try them today and share your experience with this. Your feedback will also help us develop new Kratom blends.