What Are Liquid Kratom Shots? A Crash Course From Left Coast

Have you ever heard of liquid Kratom shots?

These tiny bottles of Kratom extract can often be found at local retailers or smoke shops, and they are often mistaken for traditional energy drinks if not closely investigated. In a way, these drinks are a type of energy drink, but they’re not what the average consumer expects. Instead, they’re formulated from a kratom extract.

Even those familiar with Kratom may not know much about liquid Kratom shots. What are they, and how are they used? In today’s blog post, we’ll explain it all!

Kratom Extracts: Liquid Kratom Shots

Liquid Kratom shots are a type of Kratom extract. These small, pocket-sized beverages are made to provide a few small servings of Kratom along with other natural ingredients. In many ways, they are similar to a small energy drink beverage.

That being said, every liquid Kratom shot is different depending on the manufacturer. Some only contain Kratom and the necessary ingredients to suspend the alkaloids; others contain other natural and energy-boosting ingredients to act more like an energy drink than a straight botanical product.

When looking at these products, remember that some have natural mitragynine content and others have a blend of natural and lab-produced mitragynine. The root of the alkaloids could make a difference in how it affects your body, and it is always important to be informed about what you are consuming.

These types of liquid kratom shots can be found in many convenience stores, smoke shops, or other natural health stores that supply kratom products to their community.

What are Kratom Extracts?

Liquid Kratom shots are a type of extract. Kratom extracts are a type of product that has been refined from standard Kratom powder. These products can be liquid, powdered, or in a capsule. Many experienced users find extracts to be an excellent way to diversify their Kratom experience.

Kratom extracts are made through an extraction process in which the powder or leaves are steeped in a solvent like water or ethanol until a more concentrated version of the alkaloids remains. The final paste made through extraction is then blended into powder or made into a liquid to form the final kratom extract product.

Pros and Cons of Liquid Kratom Shots

As with all natural products, there can be both advantages and disadvantages to giving them a try. Those used to Kratom powder or new to Kratom entirely may want to read more about the potential pros and cons of liquid Kratom shots before trying this type of product.

Getting informed is essential to making the right choices for your needs, preferences, and body. Here are some of the primary pros and cons of liquid Kratom shot users.


  • • Incredibly convenient
  • • Easier to use
  • • Portable
  • • It doesn’t take up much space
  • • May have higher potency


  • • High concentration; not great for new Kratom users
  • • Shorter shelf life than other types of Kratom
  • • May include ingredients other than Kratom

Liquid Kratom Shots At Left Coast

Here at Left Coast, we carry a variety of liquid Kratom products including our popular FSE Liquid Kratom Shot and our Full Spectrum Kratom Extract. This liquid Kratom extract is a white vein strain that contains 70mg of alkaloids in a 15 mL bottle.

Keep in mind, these products provide a higher concentration of Kratom than your standard powders like Bali or Maeng Da. Remember that when deciding on a serving size.

If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us for more information at any time.

Softgels and Capsules

We also have a variety of softgels and capsule forms of our kratom extracts in the shop. These are an excellent option for individuals that don’t enjoy the flavor or form of a liquid Kratom shot. These options come in different varieties and strains, so browse the full collection to find the best fit for your needs.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Grab-and-go products, like all Kratom shots, must be manufactured safely for consumers like you. If dishonest vendors cut corners when making this product, it could lead to severe health and safety risks. Before buying liquid Kratom shots from an unfamiliar brand, it is essential to pause and consider their reliability.

Here at Left Coast Kratom, we are committed to only selling high-quality products we source, vet, and test ourselves. Everything that we sell is something we stand by, and we want our consumers to have a safe, enjoyable experience. Our products are created, packaged, and shipped according to the latest industry standards, and we are committed to continuing this way.

If you ever have questions about our products or quality assurance procedures, contact us at any time. We’re happy to let our customers know more about what they can expect from us, so don’t be afraid to ask if there’s something that you’re curious about. We’re happy to help and want to make sure you get the information you need.