How COVID-19 Changed Kratom Advocacy (And What You Can Do)

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way that many aspects of the world work. While many industries are becoming more streamlined and continue functioning without problems, the same cannot be said about how kratom advocacy will fare as we move into the new future.

Traditionally, kratom advocacy has relied on meeting with politicians, local leaders, town hall meetings, and other types of events that aren’t happening as frequently in the current climate.

To put it bluntly, kratom advocacy has changed dramatically.

What can be done to ensure that advocacy for kratom doesn’t disintegrate during these difficult times? Today, we’ll talk about how you can continue to advocate for kratom throughout the pandemic.

Problem: False Claims About Kratom & COVD-19

One problem that could shed a negative light on the kratom industry at large as the claim that is being made by some uninformed vendors that kratom can be used to positively treat or protect against COVID-19. This claim has no basis in reality, and it should not be spread.

Misinformation such as this type of rumor can severely damage the overall credibility of kratom and what it can actually do for people. Vendors that use this type of rhetoric to try to drive sales during a pandemic are part of the problem, and it’s important to look out for this type of predatory behavior.

Additionally, the FDA has been known in the past to actively work against the kratom community. The FDA has already given a warning to some CBD vendors for false COVID-19-related claims, so it is important that kratom vendors do not attract negative attention by making such claims.

Solution: Look For Honest Vendors

Honest vendors that make sure their practices align with current and factual science will not use these types of false claims in their marketing, and they will always do their part to represent kratom in an honest way. By supporting vendors that rely on science and high-quality testing, you will be supporting the future and growth of the kratom industry.

If you buy from vendors that use underhanded tactics or spread false information about kratom, you may be accidentally contributing to the culture that will harm society’s view of kratom in the long run.

Take time to research vendors before purchasing, and try to only support vendors that use honest science. Additionally, consider reporting any vendors that you see making false COVID-19 claims to an organization like the American Kratom Association that might be able to reach out to the vendor to try to get them to change their stance. While the vendor may not be receptive to those types of changes, it is always worth the attempt.

Problem: Scientific Backlash

As fears that are rooted in the uncertainty of the current world take hold, many pseudo-science theories are becoming popular. They get spread around social media with little vetting, and many people become fearful of these unsubstantiated “facts” that they see in the latest popular image.

The problem here is that these rumors are rarely, if ever, rooted in science. As people realize this, they become more and more unlikely to believe anything they see online. Whether or not the information is factual, it’s hard to know if the anecdotal experience you read about online is true.

In the past, many kratom users would share their stories with others to explain what their experiences have been like. That form of advocacy, however, is less effective in today’s online world due to the uncertainty of information.

Solution: Know Your Facts

If you want to share your stories about kratom online as a means of advocating for its benefits, it is important that you know what the facts of kratom are and what current research says about its uses. By knowing this information, you can include important, fact-driven messages in your anecdotes as well, and that will make your overall message more reliable.

Of course, you cannot be expected to know everything that is going on in the world of kratom!  For information about the latest research and facts about kratom, check out the complete blog that we have on our Left Coast Kratom resources page.

Problem: Limited Political Meetings

Much of the advocacy that is done to improve the legal issues that surround using kratom in America are done through political meetings on the local, state, and national level. As COVID-19 has caused many social distancing measures to be put in place around the country, the opportunities for these types of political issues to be limited if not for emergency situations.

This means that the advocacy groups that have been working on the full legalization of kratom and protections for kratom users are being limited in what they can do, and it will take time for new methodologies of handling advocacy to emerge.

Solution: Support AKA & Other Advocacy Groups

Despite the holdups, advocacy groups such as the American Kratom Association are still working hard to ensure that the movement for safe and legal kratom in America does not end here. They continue to do their work as diligently as possible, and their goals for getting consumer protection laws in place are still in progress.

One great way to support kratom advocacy is to give direct monetary donations to these organizations. Alternatively, purchasing your kratom from vendors that donate to these causes is another way to provide some support.

Stick With Kratom

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the world is a complicated and constantly changing place. The ongoing changes are affecting the effectiveness of kratom advocacy as well, and that is something that we don’t believe we should risk. The efforts of kratom advocacy groups over the last decade have made a huge difference in how kratom is perceived in America, and we don’t want those efforts to go to waste.

Even if you aren’t prepared to get fully involved in advocacy efforts, we are committed to doing what we can to support these efforts. By supporting us here at Left Coast Kratom, we’ll pass on your support to the groups that are doing what they can to make a difference. Thank you for joining us in this mission!