Safety Alert: Why Buying Kratom On Amazon May Be Dangerous

Buying kratom can be dangerous if you don’t know who you are buying from. Disreputable vendors may sell products that are not fully tested or properly stored. These issues could have implications for their customers.

Reputable vendors put a lot of time and money into ensuring that they only sell safe and well-tested products to their customers; the same cannot be said for vendors that are only looking to make quick money.

When it comes to kratom that is being sold on Amazon, it’s not a great idea to purchase through this sales portal. There are a few primary reasons why you should avoid buying kratom on Amazon, if at all possible.

Buying Direct Supports The Industry

The first reason that you might want to consider buying directly from kratom vendors rather from third-party vendors like Amazon is that you can more directly support the businesses in the kratom industry that you like.

While buying from third-party sellers such as local small businesses that sell kratom can still have great impacts, buying from a huge third-party reselling conglomeration like Amazon can take some momentum away from the industry itself.

By supporting businesses that are more directly entrenched in the kratom community, you are supporting better research, better products, and better information for everyone in the community. Many businesses are intertwined with other businesses, but it is good to try to support business at its source as much as possible.

The Seller May Not Be Honest

A problem that is specific to buying from Amazon is that there are too many sellers for Amazon to be able to actively police every single listing that is put up on a daily basis. They have software that scans for problems and enables its customers to report suspicious listings. Still, the vetting process is hard to scale when a company is as big as Amazon.

This means that while some sellers are very clear, obvious, and honest about what they are doing on the platform, there are also a variety of dishonest sellers. It can be difficult to research each seller and find out what their motives are when they are on a third-party platform like Amazon. That can make the overall process of purchasing from the site more stressful if you are worried about honesty and quality.

Hard To Confirm Product Information

When ordering on platforms like Amazon, it is hard to know the specifics of the products that you will be receiving. In some cases, not even the seller will be fully aware of the exact product that you receive as many sellers have their products stored and shipped from Amazon warehouses, and that removes a letter of quality checking and direct seller accountability.

Additionally, it is very easy for sellers on Amazon to change their product listings, which means that all of the reviews that you see about a product might not actually be for the product that you receive. While there are some ways to look out for this change, it is not always possible to be sure of what you are going to receive when you order.

Reputable vendors put a lot of time and effort into making sure that each of their listings thoroughly gives the necessary information about the kratom. Because vendors typically have a close relationship with their suppliers and do their own third-party testing, this information is clear and accurate. The same cannot always be said on Amazon.

Using Amazon For Kratom May Have Legality Issues

Another problem with buying kratom that you find listed on Amazon is that from a legal perspective, kratom products should not be available on the site due to terms of service and how Amazon chooses to stock dietary-type products.

If you’ve ever searched for kratom products on Amazon, you’ve likely come back with no results that actually use the word kratom in the listings. That is because they are not supposed to be sold. While it is possible that some products are making it through the listing process by using alternative product titles, that is a big issue not only in terms of safety but also in terms of the best interests for the community at large.

Products being sold with false names and properties can hurt the image of kratom, That can cause a lot of problems for the future of kratom advocacy. If these types of listings end up creating dangerous situations for consumers, that could reflect badly on the industry as a whole in addition to hurting people.

If you were to buy a listing from Amazon that is for a kratom product not advertised as kratom, you would also have a very difficult time getting any help from Amazon if there is a problem with the product. This would be due to the inaccurate listing, so it is not a good idea to buy products that are listed as kratom-adjacent in hopes that it will be what you’re looking for.

Buy From A Reputable Seller: Left Coast Kratom

The best thing that you can do to ensure that you are getting a safe supply of kratom when you purchase is to buy from a reputable seller. Here at Left Coast Kratom, we do our best to ensure that everything we list has been properly described, listed, tested, stored, and shipped so that our customers only get the best products that we have available.

When you’re choosing from various suppliers, you want to look for a company that does these things that we prioritize:

  • Thoroughly vet our suppliers
  • Do frequent third-party testing
  • Follow all GMP guidelines for the industry
  • Make ourselves available for customer problems and questions
  • Store and ship all product properly
  • Keep up with the latest research

It is essential that vendors like us do our part to ensure that customers are only receiving high-quality, unadulterated kratom supplies. By choosing to buy from reputable and well-vetted vendors, you can ensure that your personal supply is as safe as possible as well!