Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Kratom (And How Regulation Could Help)

In the eyes of the FDA and other parts of the government, Kratom is a dangerous substance. For consumers who have found a place for Kratom in their lives, it’s a life-saver.

But in the eyes of disreputable sellers, Kratom is nothing more than a great way to cut a huge profit margin! The problem with these sellers getting worse every year. As Kratom becomes more popular, more sellers are releasing untested and dangerous products.

Everybody loves a good deal, but when you find a Kratom seller that is consistently priced far below market value, you would be right to be suspicious.

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Cheap Kratom Means Cutting Costs

Every reputable business, like ours here at Left Coast Kratom, is able to cut costs from time to time. We do our best to balance our desire to turn a profit (we are a business after all!) with the desire to keep our prices fair for our customers.

Even if we didn’t want to make any profit, however, there is a limit to how low we could make our prices while still providing quality Kratom.

Daily, however, we see dishonest Kratom sites selling at prices lower than we find to be possible. Just how is it that these sites are getting their prices so low?

There are three main ways that we believe these sites are able to keep operating.

Not Employing Qualified Staff

Kratom is a specialized substance that has very real effects on your body. To ensure that the best products are sourced, the information on the website is correct, and the customer service to help you get the right Kratom are up to par, it’s necessary for companies to invest in qualified staff.

Here at Left Coast, we’re very proud of the team that we have put together to keep this site running and to keep our priority, customers like you, happy throughout their entire purchase process.

Not Hiring QA Staff

Another type of staffing that is very important is what we call QA staff. QA, short of quality assurance, is an essential part of the Kratom staffing we think that every company should have.

These staff members are responsible for ensuring the Kratom is inspected, tested, and packaged in ways that will keep it safe and secure for our customers. Many sites that sell Kratom for very cheap cut QA staff out altogether.

Because there are no formal rules about requiring QA staff to be able to sell Kratom, they can easily do this to increase their profit margin.

Limited (If Any) Testing

Finally, we’ve come to the most important thing: testing.

Testing Kratom is an essential step in the sales process. Without the right tests, consumers might receive products that have been contaminated with pathogens or heavy metals that will ultimately cause damage to your body.

We don’t believe in or agree with selling untested products.

There are many parts of the supply chain that need to happen to ensure that only safe products ever make it into customers’ hands:

  • • Quality checking at the supplier’s warehouses
  • • Product testing for any type of contamination
  • • Sanitation procedures
  • • Quality control tests

Keeping all of these tests going can be expensive, but we know how important it is to be sure that our product is as safe as possible.

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How Can We Fight Back Against Cheap Kratom?

As we said before, we know that everyone loves a good bargain, but getting your supply of Kratom for a great price and buying cheap, untested Kratom are two very different things.

In fact, cheap Kratom saturating the market actually makes the case for the legalization and regulation of Kratom even harder. These substances help to build on the bad public perception that Kratom already has because they are untested and unpredictable.

With those types of cheap products representing all that Kratom can be, what else would we expect to see happening?

For that reason, it’s incredibly important that we take steps to fight back again cheap Kratom. And there are a few ways that you can help do just that!

Check For Testing

Before you buy from any Kratom vendor, make sure that you look on their website for any information that they have about testing.

At Left Coast Kratom, we test every lot of Kratom that we sell. When you receive our product, you’ll be able to see which lot number the Kratom is part of, and this will let you know where it fell into line when it came to quality control checks.

Only buying from vendors that support and follow through with lab testing their Kratom is essential for Kratom customers. By doing this, you’re showing the market that there is a desire for safety checks, and that will help to weed out cheap kratom vendors.

Support The AKA Good Manufacturing Practices Standards

Another thing that you can do is to only buy from vendors who become certified by the American Kratom Association for following GMP standards.

GMP standards, also known as Good Manufacturing Practices Standards, are a set of rules and regulations that vendors must prove that they can follow accurately in order to become certified. This certification lets the world know that the vendor is committed to creating and selling safe products.

If your favorite vendor is not yet part of this program, contact them and let them know that it would mean a lot to you as a customer if they took the time and energy to become certified. By letting consumers know about your needs, you’ll be able to help make big changes in the Kratom industry!

Signal Boost AKA’s Work

The Kratom industry would be safer if there were rules put in place by a governing body, such as the FDA, that the vendors needed to sell. At this time, however, the FDA is more interested in banning Kratom than it is investing time into these types of regulations.

AKA, the American Kratom Association, is working tirelessly to ensure that Kratom continues to be available to consumers that want to use it. This work is largely based on testing, education, and safety practices. By supporting AKA, you’ll be supporting the growth of a healthier Kratom industry.