3 Tips For Kratom Veterans: How To Continue Using Kratom

So you’ve discovered the world of Kratom. You’ve tried different strains, you’ve figured out how you like to take your Kratom, and it has become a pretty regular part of your life because of the benefits you feel the botanicals offers. 

Over time, however, you start to notice that the Kratom just doesn’t seem to have the same positive qualities as it did when you first started consuming. Why are you no longer noticing the same benefits? Why does it seem like you need to consume more Kratom?

Even as an experienced Kratom user, you may find yourself in a dilemma about how to continue using Kratom in a positive way. Today, we’re here to discuss three tips that can help you to continue using Kratom in effective and targeted ways.

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Tip #1: Spread Out Your Servings

If you are starting to notice that your Kratom serving doesn’t seem to have the same effects that it once did, you might be tempted to start double serving or taking more than one serving a day. Before you do that, however, it’s important that you take some time to analyze what is happening. 

Think about the following questions:

  • • How often do you take Kratom?
  • • How much Kratom do you take?
  • • Do you take more than one serving a day?
  • • Have you ever taken a break from Kratom?

Kratom can cause a tolerance if you consume the same amount every single day, and that tolerance built up by your body will cause you to feel less of the original effect of Kratom. In most cases, the only way to get rid of it is to take a break from Kratom. Then, spread out your servings. 

When you find yourself in this situation, this is what we recommend doing:

  1. • Reduce your intake to a quarter of your normal daily serving. Or, stop taking it altogether for at least one month, preferably two. The longer you can wait to take any Kratom at all, the faster your existing tolerance will break down.
  2. • When you start taking Kratom again, start with a very small serving, and pay close attention to the effects. If it seems like your tolerance is still there, try to extend you abstinence a bit longer to restore your baseline tolerance level.
  3. • Once you return to consuming Kratom for good, make sure that you are only taking one serving per day. Drinking one larger serving per day is better than taking multiple smaller servings when it comes to tolerance.
  4. • Another thing to change when you return to Kratom is how frequently you consume. Ideally, you would never overlap servings. This means that all of the alkaloids in the Kratom would be out of your system before you have more. 

Why does spacing out servings work to prevent tolerance form going up?

When you take Kratom very frequently, alkaloid levels will start to stabilize because they will always be present in your blood and nervous system. When this happens, the body will expect that level to exist at all times. When you take Kratom, it won’t cross this stable point, and you will feel little to no benefits. 

Spacing out small portions can help you to avoid this type of stabilization. When consuming in this way, every serving that you consume will be raising your alkaloid levels past baseline, and that will allow your body to truly feel the effects of Kratom. 

The Main Takeaway: Space your servings out more and reduce the size of each serving if possible to prevent tolerance from taking away the positive benefits of using Kratom regularly.

Tip #2: Don’t Use One Variety Forever

When you’re just starting to use Kratom, most people will tell you that you should try out a lot of different strains to find out what you like the most. 

What many people forget to say is that you should continue to change up the type of Kratom you are using to prevent tolerance to any one particular strain from building up! 

Ideally, you should rotate between different strains and mixes of strains as much as possible. When you switch it up, the amount of and specific type of alkaloids in your body will not be consistent, so it will be harder for your body to build up any type of tolerance to the compounds in Kratom. 

Generally, we recommend that you have at least four different strains on hand to complete your strain rotation. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid Kratom “burn out.” Burn out is when a particular strain no longer has any effects on you because of a high tolerance to that particular Kratom’s makeup.

The Takeaway: Be sure to have at least four different strains of Kratom on hand, and rotate between them as much as possible to reduce your chance of building up a tolerance to their particular alkaloid profiles.

Tip #3: Adjust To Balance

Anecdotal evidence suggests that there are some products that can help you to slow down any tolerance building up because of your Kratom usage. 

In particular, many consumers say that taking magnesium has helped to stop their tolerance from getting too high.

Magnesium is a natural NMDA substance. NMDA antagonists, as they are known, interfere at some of the binding sites for Kratom. These particular binding sites may be partially responsible for Kratom tolerance, so taking magnesium can prevent some of these effects. 

That being said, it’s important to remember that even too much of a good thing is too much. Taking an excessive amount of magnesium can cause you just as many problems as taking too much Kratom can, so be sure that you only take it in moderation.

Keep The Kratom Coming

Once you’ve incorporated Kratom into your life, you’ll likely want to keep a healthy positive relationship going with this botanical.

It is important, then, to remember that you can build up a tolerance to Kratom if you don’t consider the right ways to spread out your servings and rotate what type of Kratom you are using. By spacing out servings, changing varieties, and adding a small amount of magnesium to your diet, you can prevent yourself from being seriously affected by the tolerance!