Top 3 Ways To Take Kratom: Take Your Pick!

There are a lot of wonderful things in this world. For many people, Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, has been a welcome addition to their daily routines.

While the reasons that people take Kratom vary as much as their professions, there is some commonality between them. All these people tend to favor one of these three top ways to take Kratom!

Whether you’re new to Kratom or simply curious about the different ways that it can be taken, today’s guide will help you learn more about the main techniques that are used to enjoy this wonderful botanical product.

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#1: All About That Tea!

The most common method of taking Kratom that you are likely to hear about when visiting online Kratom communities is Kratom tea. 

Kratom tea is fairly easy to make, and it is one of the most enjoyable ways of consuming Kratom. It can even be a little bit fun since making the tea allows you to take your personal taste preferences into consideration as well!

Kratom tea is most often made with Kratom leaves, but the powders that we will talk about in #2 below can also be used to make a type of tea if you are creative about it.


The real benefit of using the tea method is that you will not be eating the actual plant matter nearly as much as you do in the other delivery methods. What does this mean for you? This means that your stomach won’t be as likely to get upset. Ingesting plant matter can be a big cause of stomachaches, so the tea can help you avoid that.

Another bonus is that you can mix it up with your own flavors – adding sweeteners, honey, citrus, and more can help your tea taste better than straight Kratom would. Get rid of the some of the bitterness with your own special concoction!


The biggest drawback of this method is that it takes a good bit of time to make Kratom tea, so it’s not something that you can simply pick up and use. If you often find yourself short on time, you’ll probably prefer another method.

#2: Powders & Capsules

The next most popular method of consumption is to use powder and powder-filled capsules

Kratom powder is made from ground-up leaves or ground-up leaves and stems of the Kratom plant. This is likely the most efficient way of taking Kratom, and it is also one of the quickest methods.

The Kratom powder itself can be made into a tea, mixed into other foods, or simply put into a capsule to be taken as is. The decision about how to take the powder is up to you.


Kratom powder can be used in a wide variety of ways, and that makes it very appealing for those who want to try to experiment with different ingestion methods. You can make tea, mix it into your smoothie, or take capsules.

Another benefit is that it is very easy and affordable to buy powdered Kratom in bulk, and storing it is easy as well. You can even make capsules yourself at home and save a lot of money by doing so.


Kratom powder can be messy! Even if you are very careful, there is a good chance that you’ll accidentally make a mess when you are trying to make your own capsules or just get your daily serving ready to go. That can be frustrating.

Another downside is that powdered Kratom contains a lot of plant matter, so you will need to be mindful of counteracting this as much as possible.

#3: Extracts

If you don’t want to deal with the taste of Kratom through powder or tea, using extracts might be a great choice for you. While they still have some flavor, they aren’t nearly as potent in terms of smell or taste.

Extracts are a distilled, concentrated version of extract. Typically labeled as Full Spectrum Kratom (or FST), this is one of the most convenient ways to take Kratom. The carrier oil or alcohol has been blended with alkaloids extracted from Kratom plants so that you can take just the alkaloids more directly without much of the plant itself.

You might also come across what are known as powdered extracts. While these can resemble powdered Kratom at first glance, they are actually a liquid extract that has had all of the liquid evaporated out of it, leaving behind only the powder.


The biggest benefit of this method of taking Kratom is convenience. It’s super easy to add a few drops to your drink, meal, water, or straight into your mouth! If you want a discreet and fast way to use Kratom, this is definitely going to be a good option for you.

Another bonus is that this type of extracts tends to have a higher concentration of alkaloids than other Kratom delivery methods, so you will need to use less product.


Kratom plants have a lot of benefits for your body beyond just the alkaloids that are known and used when making extractions. When you use an extract, you aren’t getting the complete Kratom matter. While this helps reduce some side effects, it may also decrease effectiveness for some people.

The Method Is Yours

In the end, you can use one or all of these methods in your own personal Kratom consumption! The method that you want to use will depend on your goals, needs, and style, so you should simply use our suggestions as guidance for what you want to do.

If none of these top methods appeal to you, there is one more way that you can take Kratom. You can try pre-made Kratom tablets or gum. These are usually less affordable than the other methods of Kratom consumption discussed today, but they can be a good choice in some situations.