Georgia One Step Closer to Passing Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Great news from the American Kratom Association! The Georgia State Senate passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act unanimously with a vote of 50-0. This follows the bill’s strong performance in Georgia’s House of Representatives, where it was approved by a margin of 164-1. The bill now goes to the Governor’s desk, where it will be signed into law.

This progress in Georgia is the direct result of concerted efforts by the American Kratom Association, along with support from kratom consumers and vendors. Once enacted, this bill will protect kratom consumers in Georgia from adulterated and misbranded products and will ensure that responsible and compliant vendors can market pure, quality kratom products.

We’re grateful to the AKA, all its supporters, and the lawmakers of Georgia who understood the benefits of this consumer protection act. Please stay informed about kratom’s status in your state and support the AKA!

Georgia Update from the AKA:

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