Kratom: How To Store Your Powder To Keep Fresh

So you’ve found out that you love using Kratom. It helps make your day-to-day life better, and you’ve invested in a large stash of powder so that you can easily create your daily brew or capsules. In fact, you have a lot of different stains on hand because you like to change it up from week to week.

You have all of this Kratom at home, but do you have any idea if you are storing it correctly?

Like other botanicals, Kratom has specific conditions under which it should be stored for best results. Just like leaving milk on the counter can lead to spoiled milk, not finding the right storage method for Kratom can affect its taste and freshness.

Here’s what you need to know about Kratom storage solutions that you can use at home.

Why Does Storage Matter?

Before we get into the details of your Kratom storage, let’s talk about why you should make it a point to store things in an organized way.

The main reason is that Kratom can and will lose alkaloid content over time. If you have a lot of Kratom stains at home and leave some of them untouched for a long time, they will change in this way.

Further studies are needed to confirm how quickly this happens, but the active ingredient in Kratom, known as mitragynine, will turn into mitragynine pseudoindoxyl over time. Though it may sound similar, this alkaloid has significant differences from mitragynine, and this transformation would be apparent to you upon consumption.

Additionally, it’s just better to take good care of your Kratom! You are putting an investment into your wellbeing by buying Kratom. If you store it haphazardly, you might lose some powder, spill powder, or just generally not be able to find the strain that you are looking for on any given day.

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Top Things To Avoid

When you’re storing your Kratom, these are the main things that you want to avoid to ensure that the powder’s alkaloids are not affected:

  • • Humidity
  • • Oxygen
  • • UV light

Each of these things can and will break down the quality of your item. When you are thinking of storage solutions, you should be making sure that your product will be exposed to as little of these three things as possible.

Storage Solutions

Now that you know more about what the risks are of your powders losing freshness over time, let’s talk about what you can do to prevent that from happening.

Daily Use Kratom

When you are using a specific Kratom powder daily, you simply need to do the following:

  • • Keep in a cupboard.
  • • Keep it in a sealed bag – and make sure it is sealed.
  • • Keep using it daily!

If you are using this powder daily, you’ll likely consume it all before it can degrade in quality. Keeping it sealed and in a cupboard helps to protect it from UV light and oxygen, so your Kratom will be in the best shape for you to use.

Long Term Storage

If you are the type of Kratom consumer who has many different strains at home, or if you simply have a large stash of backup Kratom, you’ll want to ensure that you’re protecting this botanical investment. Kratom that isn’t used quickly can degrade in quality; you want to prevent that from happening.

We’ll walk you through a few tips on how to smartly store extra Kratom powder.

Divide It Up

Separate larger bags of Kratom into two- to four-day supplies. If you keep it in smaller bags, it will be easier to ensure the freshness of the Kratom, and it will also be easier to grab a small amount from your storage area when you need it.

You can even choose to divvy it up in different rotations or mixes. Take into account how you usually take your Kratom, and set up the small baggies to reflect your needs so that you aren’t struggling to restock your daily supply area when needed.

Airtight Bags

It’s important that you ensure that you get all of the air out of the bag. If you plan to have a large backstock of Kratom at all times, you may even want to invest in getting a vacuum sealer to ensure that there is absolutely no air in the bag.

If you aren’t ready to do that, you can simply squeeze as much of the air as possible out of the bag before you close it up.

The more airtight your storage method is, the better chance you have of the product retaining its quality for a long time.

Light-Blocking Containers

You’ll want to store these bags of Kratom in a container that blocks light. UV light is one of the most damaging things to Kratom powder’s quality, so you should ensure that you do not have an issue with this because of how you store your Kratom.

Put It In The Right Place

Find somewhere that is cool, dry and dark to put your Kratom container. There are some users that actually store their containers in the freezer! While we aren’t sure what the effects of freezing Kratom are just yet, we know that placing your container in a cool and dry environment is essential for ensuring the longevity of the powder.

Store as Tea

If you’re a tea user, you might be able to make a large batch of tea and then freeze it in a plastic container to be thawed for later use. Kratom tea only stays fresh in the refrigerator for up to one week, but freezing can extend how long you can use the tea. This can even save you a lot of weekly prep time if you prep once every month or two instead!

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Kratom Storage Matters

We hope that today’s article has helped you see just how important it is to store your Kratom properly. After all, having a quality Kratom can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy the product. We sell you the highest quality products, and we hope you’ve learned how to make sure they stay fresh!