Quick Guide To The Best Tasting Kratom Tea You’ll Ever Try!

Love drinking tea? Have you found the same love for Kratom tea, or are you still struggling to figure out the best way to create an appetizing Kratom drink?

As much as we love Kratom products, we know that Kratom tea is a bit of an acquired taste. There’s no doubt that it takes some time to get the flavor combination and brewing methods adjusted to suit your palette. Even then, it’s nothing like drinking a standard tea latte!

Still, we are believers that you should be able to enjoy each step of the Kratom process as much as possible. We’ve used our own experiences as well as those of our customers to create this quick guide to adjusting Kratom tea to taste as good as possible.

With this guide in hand, you’ll be able to revolutionize the way that you enjoy your tea.

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How To Make Kratom Tea

Before we get into the different ways that you can adjust the tea to taste better, we need to tell you how to make tea! While we have a full guide on brewing Kratom tea, this short review can serve as a reminder for what you should be doing when you make your tea. 

  1. 1. Gather a pot, a liter of water, Kratom tea powder, and some type of strainer. We prefer to use cheesecloth, but a mesh strainer can work well, too.
  2. 2. Bring water to a full boil. Then, lower the heat.
  3. 3. Allow the water to cool down after boiling for around three minutes.
  4. 4. Add your Kratom leaves. The batch size is up to you!
  5. 5. Allow the water to remain at a simmer, and let your tea simmer for around twenty minutes.
  6. 6. Use your preferred strainer to get the Kratom leaves out of your tea once it is done simmering.

You can then drink the tea hot, or allow it to cool and refrigerate it for up to five days. Preparing Kratom tea in larger batches like this in advance will allow you to save time when you want to consume daily. Otherwise, you will need to go through this entire process every day!

Different Flavor Profiles

There are a lot of different ways that you can change up how you drink your Kratom tea for here. Few people will want to drink Kratom straight as it was just prepared; most will want to add at least some type of sweetener. Today, we’ve rounded up a number of great suggestions that you can use to make Kratom tea taste better!

Add Flavored Milk

How do you like to drink your tea or coffee? Do you add milk and sweetener? Many people add flavored creams or milk to their morning beverages to make it taste better, and the same can be done with Kratom.

Adding a sweetened milk beverage component such as vanilla almond milk is a great way to completely change the flavor profile that Kratom tea offers. It is sweet and milky, and these two aspects help to cut through the natural earthiness of Kratom quite well.

If almond milk isn’t your thing, there are a lot of other options:

  • Any flavored dairy creamer
  • Flavored soy milk
  • Flavored oat milk
  • Straight milk if you are avoiding sugar

We suggest almond milk as the top choice among these options not only because it makes the drink smoother but also because it is an alkaline beverage. This helps it line up with the chemical composition of Kratom very well.

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Try It Citrus-y and Sweet

Another very common way to enjoy Kratom tea is to add a sweetener such as honey and sugar as well as lemon. As mentioned above, Kratom has a very rich, earthy flavor. This flavor can be too heavy for many people.

The citrus from lemon juice can, however, cut through that darkness. The honey or sugar can make the tea taste sweeter overall and eliminate even more of those earthy flavors. When adding sugar, it is best to start with a spoonful per 12-ounce cup and add more as needed.

There are other benefits to using lemon in your Kratom tea, especially if you’ll be storing it to use throughout the week! The citric acid in lemon can help to ensure that the alkaline content of the tea doesn’t break down too much while in storage, so it is an especially great thing to add to your tea.

Lemon isn’t the only citrus that can be used in this way! You can also use orange or grapefruit juice instead if you want to try a different flavor profile instead of lemon.

Mix With Another Tea

Another way that you can enjoy Kratom tea more is if you try to combine it with a sweet or fruity tea that will help to balance out the earthy taste of Kratom. We recommend brewing them separately and then experimenting with the ratios of tea-to-tea to figure out what works for you.

Some of our favorite teas to try with Kratom include:

  • Raspberry tea
  • Green, citrus tea
  • Flavored teas (vanilla, chai, etc.)
  • Fruity teas
  • Sweetened tea
  • Tea lemonades

When brewing tea to mix with Kratom tea, we recommend that you use twice the number of tea bags that you would normally use. This will help you to create a more concentrated flavor. More intense flavors will be more effective at balancing the strong flavor of Kratom tea.

Just Add A Syrup!

Finally, there’s one more easy way to change up the flavor of your Kratom tea. Just add a few pumps of your favorite flavor via a simple syrup! You can find these syrups at many stores as they are often used for flavoring coffee and tea at home. Using a little bit to Kratom tea is sure to work wonders as well!

Stick to similar profiles as the teas listed about: sweet and fruity flavors are going to be the most effective at helping to make Kratom tea more palatable to you.