5 Awesome Kratom Facts That Everyone Should Know

After you’ve discovered the positive results of kratom in your life, it’s time to uncover some more facts about what it is, how it’s used, and other important things that you should know about this botanical!

Kratom is more than just a plant that can be ingested, and it has a much longer history that you should be aware of when you decide to use it regularly. Today, we’ll help you expand your knowledge about this great substance.

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1: The Kratom Tree Is Unique

One of the coolest things about where kratom comes from is the tree itself. Kratom is a tropical tree, and it grows best when things are all wet, all the time. Kratom products are made from the leaves of the trees, and they are unique because of their distinct chemical composition.

The Kratom tree is one of seven different trees in the Mitragyna speciosa variety. The leaves of the kratom tree contain two major chemical compounds that have effects on the body: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These chemicals are known as alkaloids. Alkaloids interact with the body in specific ways; when you consume kratom, those effects start happening!

2: Kratom Has A Long And Varied History

Did you know that Kratom has been used for hundreds of years in different parts of the world? In Southeast Asia in particular, kratom has been part of many cultural rituals and traditional practices. The tropical tree is native to Thailand and Malaysia among other countries, and that is how it became a part of their practices.

In particular, Kratom is often brewed as a tea. Sometimes, it is chewed on directly for a different type of effect.

While the use of Kratom in these regions is mostly historical, kratom is still used in those traditional ways. Around the world, however, kratom leaves tend to be ground into a fine powder and then brewed into a more concentrated, effective tea. As you might already know, there are a lot of different ways to brew tea.

3: Kratom Consumption Has Changed

While the ways that we just mentioned are the traditional ways of consuming kratom, there are a lot of different ways that people consume kratom in today’s modern world. As we mentioned, people typically grind the leaves up into a fine powder. This powder can then be prepared in a few different ways.

Method #1: Tea

While a bit different from traditional brewing, this fine powder can be made into a tea. The tea must be strained appropriately and flavored to make it drinkable, but it can provide the boosting effects of the chemicals in kratom.

Method #2: Capsules

Some people prefer to skip the need to taste the kratom at all and stick to capsules. Capsules of any size can be filled with your specific serving of kratom powder. These are easy and discreet to take, no matter where you are.

Method #3: Tinctures

The powder can also be made into a very strong tincture. This tincture can then be used mixed into other beverages or taken directly.

The particular method that you use to take kratom is going to depend on how much you want to take, what you are hoping to accomplish, and how your body processes things. Everybody’s body is different, so taking the time to try different amounts and intake methods is very important for personal discovery.

4: Kratom Has An Interesting Legal Status

Right now in the United States, Kratom is not illegal. However, it wouldn’t be accurate to call it legal either. It’s true that you wouldn’t get into trouble for using it, but the status of it is somewhat complicated.

Due to difficult reports and manufacturing problems, some believe that Kratom should be completely banned in the USA. The FDA, in fact, has been making a clear and concentrated effort to support this movement. Thankfully, many states are making their own judgments and passing regulatory protections for kratom consumers.

Why has this happened?

The main reason that kratom has not yet been put into a positive light as CBD has been that there isn’t enough research yet about the benefits of kratom. The research is so limited that it is difficult to prove once and for all that kratom is not dangerous. Without any regulation to keep bad kratom off the market, the problem isn’t improving quickly enough.

Hopefully, individual states will continue to support the movement to fully legalize kratom and to protect its consumers with basic regulations. These regulations, though simple, can save people’s lives by keeping bad kratom under control as soon as possible.

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5: Kratom Needs Your Help

Due to the complicated legal status of kratom in America, kratom needs your help! If you have ever been curious about trying kratom or already use it, it is time to step into the ring and help fight for the safety of kratom users everywhere.

While we do our best to ensure that every product that we put it out is the highest quality, not all vendors hold themselves to the same standards that we do. We’ve learned through the years, and we are doing our best to ensure that only the highest quality kratom makes it to the market.

To further our mission to keep kratom safe and legal, we’ve put our full support behind the American Kratom Association. Also known as AKA, this group works tirelessly to create guidelines for companies to follow while also working directly with politicians in each state to pass laws protecting the kratom community.

With swift and positive actions like these, we believe that kratom will one day be a safe and accepted substance. But that won’t happen without the support of people like you!

If you believe that more research should be done about kratom so that it can become a safer product, reach out to your local kratom stores or politicians and find out how you can make this opinion help. Together, we can secure the future of kratom!