What’s The Difference Between Kratom Powder & Kratom Extract?

Once Kratom is grown and harvested, the leaves go through a cycle to become the powder that most enthusiasts are familiar with. Kratom vendors process their products in multiple ways to create the unique and varied lineup available for sale today.

For example, it can be hard to see how Kratom powder and extract are not the same product types because they can both be powdered substances.

Here at Left Coast Kratom, we sell both Kratom powder and Kratom extract. Each of these products offers a unique experience to consumers, but not all customers are familiar with what the differences are.

Find out how both of these substances come to be and when you might prefer to try one over the other in today’s article.

Kratom: The Common Denominator

Kratom powder and Kratom extract share a common denominator: the Kratom plant itself!

Common kratom products all originate from the same type of tree. This evergreen tree, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, grows in tropical regions of southeast Asia. People in Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, and other places in the area have used Kratom for hundreds of years. These traditional practices have revived today, and Kratom has become a natural choice for many enthusiasts worldwide.

Powder vs. Extract: Where Things Diverge

Though Kratom powder and Kratom extract share the same roots, the two products have important differences and are taken in different situations. Where exactly do things diverge, and what makes this divergence so interesting?

Let’s learn more about each of these substances!

Kratom Powders

While Kratom powder is not the most basic form of the plant, it is very close. The most basic form belongs to Kratom leaves which are often used to brew tea. But, we’ll leave that for another blog post!

When Kratom is processed, the leaves are harvested and then dried. People then brew the leaves into a tea or grind them into a powder that can be mixed into drinks, taken in capsules, or brewed. This is the substance we know as Kratom powder.

Large kratom leaves easily grind down into a fine powder once thoroughly dried. When the plant is processed into Kratom powder, it contains a similar level of alkaloids to the plant itself.

Kratom Extracts

In a way, Kratom extract is a further extension of Kratom powder. Without whole leaves or powder, Kratom extracts would not exist.

Kratom extract is a higher-concentrate version of Kratom made through an extraction process. Compared to other Kratom products, extracts have the highest alkaloid concentration levels. As alkaloids are largely responsible for Kratom’s effects, extracts often have the most potent effects.

To create this high concentration product, plant matter is reduced so that the alkaloids in  the extraction are in a higher concentration than the Kratom leaf had in its original form.

There are different extraction methods with varying cost associations and degrees of success. The most common extraction methods rely on water, solvents, and evaporation, as this method is time- and cost-effective.

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Why People Choose One Or The Other


The most significant difference between Kratom powder and extract is that extracts are more concentrated. This means there is a greater percentage of alkaloids in the same amount of powder. Alkaloids are the component most responsible for Kratom’s effects.

Kratom extracts are sometimes advertised with a ratio number, such as 2x, to show the level of concentration. You might also see extracts labeled with a percentage, such as 10% Mitragynine. Trying out different ratios or percentages until you find one that generates the desired effects is one way that enthusiasts explore what Kratom offers. 

Side Effects

Some Kratom users face frustrating side effects, such as nausea, when using standard powders alone. For these individuals, an extract might be the better choice. Ingesting less plant matter when taking Kratom extract can reduce side effects and improve efficiency for some people.

Change It Up

Trying extracts doesn’t always have to be about revolutionizing the way that you experience Kratom. Instead, it can simply be about changing up your routine! Extracts offer new blends and experiences that you haven’t had before. Check out different options to see what might work well with your body’s routine.

Remember Reliability

Whether you’re new to Kratom or experienced in this world, make sure that you continue to check that you are shopping from reliable brands!

It can be hard to tell the difference between Kratom powder and Kratom extract just by comparing the two. Buying from honest vendors that clearly label their products will make it easier (and safer!) to enjoy Kratom on your own terms.

The best way to be sure that you are doing this is to buy Kratom from vendors that are part of the American Kratom Associations GMP program. This program ensures that vendors properly test and label their products to prevent customer confusion.

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