How Are Kratom Extracts Made?

If you’ve browsed our line of kratom and kratom-based products here at Left Coast Kratom, you’ve probably noticed that we sell a lot of items that we call kratom extracts. In fact, these are some of the most popular things in our store.

For many browsing customers, however, they do not fully understand what kratom extracts are or how they compare to the other kratom leaves and powders that we sell. Even those that use extracts might not be able to clearly tell you what the differences are.

It’s your right to know more about extracts and where they come from, and we want to make finding that knowledge easier than it has ever been before. Today’s guide will make that dream a reality!

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What Are Kratom Extracts?

Kratom extracts are a specific type of kratom product in which a larger volume of kratom powder is concentrated. The final product, known as a kratom extract, is a higher-alkaloid serving of kratom. The final alkaloid concentration depends on which type of kratom was used for the original extraction and the method of extraction used.

Why Do People Use Kratom Extracts?

There are a lot of different reasons why some people choose to use kratom extracts rather than other types of kratom products.

For some, using kratom extracts means that they can use smaller servings. Smaller servings sizes are easier to take, travel with, store, and may even be more affordable depending on what type of extract they are going to be using. Overall, these people usually applaud the convenience of kratom extracts. 

On the other hand, some use kratom extracts when they want to change up their routine. Kratom lovers know that changing up your schedule regularly prevents any type of singe strain resistance. Additionally, kratom extracts can be mixed into your serving schedule on days when you need extra effects.

How Are Kratom Extracts Made?

As mentioned above, kratom extracts are made by taking a larger volume of kratom powder and then making it more concentrated. How exactly is it made to be more concentrated at a smaller volume?

Generally speaking, there are three main extraction methods that are used to create the final kratom extract that you might buy from a kratom vendor like us. Depending on which extraction method is used, the final product will have different potencies. Let’s take a closer look to see why.

Resin: The Most Expensive (And Rare)

The most expensive and rare way to extract kratom is to make a kratom resin extract. This technique is quite difficult as well as money intensive, so you don’t often see this product on the market. 

Resin is created through a process in which the kratom powder is steeped, frozen, evaporated, simmered, and evaporated again. This repetitive process is actually faster to create than most water-based extracts, but it can be difficult to get the process right.

Generally, the process could go something like this:

  1. 1. A small amount of water and lemon juice are added to kratom powder. Just enough to cover the powder is used, the product steeps for 12 hours, and then the mixture is frozen.
  2. 2. The frozen block of kratom is added to boiling water with more lemon juice. Once ¼ of the water has evaporated, it is removed from the heat, cooled, and strained.
  3. 3. Let the strained mixture evaporate until its volume reduces by half.
  4. 4. Simmer the powder with lemon juice one or two more times, repeating the same filtration process again.
  5. 5. The remaining liquid is placed into an oven-safe container and heated at 200 degrees Fahrenheit until nearly all remaining water is evaporated. The remaining kratom will be a thick kratom resin extract.

Water Extractions: Labor Intensive, But Effective

Another way that kratom extracts are made is through simple soaking and evaporation. After adding raw leaves to water and citric acid, the mixture can be shaken thoroughly. Then, allow it to steep for up to two weeks. After that time is up, the mixture should be strained and reduced by half through evaporation.

The final product will be a slightly thick liquid, and it can be stored in amber bottles for regular use as a tincture. Many manufacturers add glycerin to these liquids to help stabilize the acidity in them.

Kratom Extract Powders

Kratom extract powders are made using a similar extraction method to the resin method above. Essentially, a large amount of kratom powder is put through a boiling process with lemon juice and regular straining. Once the extraction has occurred as fully as possible, the liquid is put into a spray bottle.

The concentrated liquid is sprayed and allowed to crystallize. As the final water evaporates out of the crystallized patches, only kratom extract powder will be left behind.

Are These The Only Methods?

These are not the only ways that kratom extraction methods can be made, but methods that follow procedures similar to these have been the most effective in keeping a high ratio of alkaloid to powder in these concentrated substances.

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How Does Enhanced Kratom Compare To Kratom Extracts?

When browsing kratom extracts, you may have seen something known as enhanced kratom up for sale as well. These extracts have higher amounts of alkaloids per gram. This higher potency is achieved in a number of different ways.

Storing Your Extracts

Some customers have asked us what the best way to store their extracts is. After all, you don’t want to risk any product degradation after spending more on a high-quality extract! 

The best storage method is going to depend on what type of extract it is:

  • • Liquid extracts: dark glass bottles stored away from the light; keep tightly sealed to prevent evaporation
  • • Powders: airtight container in dark cabinet, preferably in a cool part of the house 
  • • All extracts: away from light, strong smells, and hot spots in the house