5 Reasons To Love Kratom Extracts – Featuring Our Top Sellers

When some kratom consumers learn that kratom extracts are generally around five times more concentrated as our standard kratom powders, they steer clear. While some find that extra heft exciting, others are more worried about the side effects and differences they might feel by switching over to extracts.

We understand those concerns, but we want you to know that you might end up loving kratom extracts!

In fact, we are so confident that you should give extracts a closer look before passing judgment that we’ve put together a list of the top five reasons we think that you might love kratom extracts. Throughout the list, we’ll also share some information about our top-selling extracts so that you can know what people’s favorites are. Let’s get started!

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#1 An Extra Push

When your normal kratom schedule just isn’t cutting it anymore, have you ever tried to give yourself a boost for bad days? How has that worked? While many kratom lovers try this technique, they often find that the adverse effects outweigh the positives, so they don’t try it again.

If you need something for that extra push, you may want to give extracts a try. Many consumers don’t look at using extracts regularly. Instead, they pull these highly concentrated options out whenever they’re in need of more positive effects. It may not seem like much, but switching to an extract now-and-again is like getting an extra shot in your coffee; just enough to help out!

#2 Smaller Serving Size

Do you find it difficult to take large servings? Are you tired of needing to make large batches of tea or filling big capsules just to get the proper amount for you at this time?

By making the occasional switch from kratom powders or leaves to extracts, you might be able to take a smaller-sized serving with the same effects. Of course, the balance between the two will be different for everyone.

Let’s say that you wanted to start with our Gold Reserve Kratom extract. This is a very popular extract. If you typically used a green or white vein kratom powder, you will want to take about ⅓ or less of the amount of the kratom extract at first.

Remember that it is always better to start with a smaller amount than you might need. While you have some experience with kratom, you never know how your body will react to different things. Increasing the serving size of a new product over time is always the better choice!

#3 Further Exploration

One of the coolest things about trying kratom extracts is that you can expand the types and amounts of kratom that you are using. We always recommend to our customers that you regularly change the strain of kratom that you use to prevent any type of buildup, and using extracts can allow you to explore more options.

When extracts are made, a specific amount of kratom is reduced to a smaller amount of extract to concentrate it. For example, a 5x Green Malay would be 5 grams of Green Malay reduced down to one gram of extract.

There are tons of different extracts out there. Some are 10x, and some are just 3x. While these numbers might make it seem like the 10x is much stronger than the 3x, that might not necessarily be true. The final concentration of any extract depends on the particular chemical composition of the starting kratom.

When you want to mix up your kratom routine, you can try different grades of the same strain of extract, or you can jump between different strains. Having a whole line of extracts to try just gives you more options! If you really want to mix up your schedule, trying our Kratom Extract Sample Pack is a great place to start.

#4 Try A Liquid Extract

One really cool thing about the kratom extracts that we offer is that we have liquid extracts available in addition to the standard powders and capsules. Liquids aren’t readily available for standard kratom, and many people find that using these products is much more amenable to their lifestyle.

These liquids can be added into tea, coffee, juice, smoothies, or even taken directly. You only need a very small serving, usually around three or five mL depending on the strength, to get your normal serving. This simplified routine is much easier for many kratom lovers, so you might want to consider it.

Liquids, of course, aren’t your only convenient option for extracts! There are also a lot of premade capsule options for extracts, and you can easily use them on-the-go to get the perfect experience.

#5 Save Some Money

Generally speaking, extracts are more expensive than kratom powders. This is because they take a lot more work and beginning product to create, but does that mean that they aren’t a good deal for you?

Actually, the opposite is often true. Kratom extracts may help you save some money! Depending on the amount that you use daily, you might be able to use a lot less if you switch to a more concentrated extract.

This means that you will need to buy less product overall. Once you compare the price of your usual powder with the extract, you’ll be able to decide if you could save money or not. Even if you can’t save money, many users noticed that they liked not needing to store quite as much product when they switched to the smaller servings of extracts.

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The Choice Is Yours

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want to give kratom extracts a try or not. While we find the value, concentration, and uniqueness of these products to be something noteworthy, not everyone is going to love the experience they provide.

Give them a try, but don’t forget to start with a very small serving at first. You’ll know very quickly if you like the way that the extracts work. Who knows! You might even discover that you’re ready to change up your entire kratom schedule thanks to extracts.