Why Left Coast Kratom Thinks The Kratom Consumer Protection Act Matters!

Have you heard of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act before?

If not, it’s time for you to learn more about the interesting laws regarding Kratom that are going into effect around the USA. At this time, the legal status of Kratom in the US is under constant strain. Due to conflicting messages and exaggerated claims, many people have been falsely convinced that Kratom is not safe.

We, however, now that Kratom can be a safe product to keep on the market as long as companies that sell it are kept in check. For that reason, we know that policies like the Kratom Consumer Protection Act are so important.

Today, we’d love to share with you more about this act, which states have adopted and implemented this law, and how you can join up with advocacy efforts to ensure that Kratom consumers like you are able to legally and safely continue to enjoy Kratom for years to come!

All About The Consumer Protection Act

Let’s start by learning about what the Kratom Consumer Protection Act actually is! Before you can understand why we need it and where it is already in place, understanding just what the act says will give you a great base understanding of the issues that Kratom vendors and consumers are facing.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act was originally created and proposed by the American Kratom Association. Their goal in creating this piece of model legislation was to set up a precedent for the types of guidelines that should exist in the Kratom industry.

Specifically, the act was created to help ensure that consumers can legally and safely buy Kratom. In addition to regulating the sale of Kratom, the model bill is meant to regulate the quality of Kratom as well to prevent any dangerous or adulterated Kratom from ever reaching the market.

As mentioned, the document that AKA created is known as a piece of model legislation. This means that is a set of guidelines that they suggest states pass, but the individual Kratom Protection Acts that are being passed in some states all have their own specific terms. Generally, however, they follow the model that was presented first by AKA.

The main points that most of the Protection Acts include are as follows:

  • • Define what Kratom is
  • • Require specific labeling of Kratom products by all sellers
  • • Prevent the sale of Kratom products that are known to be dangerous
  • • Ensure that the Department of Agriculture and Food in each state will create and enforce safety standards for the production and sale of Kratom

The overarching goal of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act is to ensure that consumers are not put at risk, physically or legally, by buying Kratom. 

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Why We Need A Protection Act

You might be wondering why an act like this is possible and why we, a business, would want more regulation.

The simple fact is that the free-for-all state of the Kratom industry was causing more harm than good. While it might be nice in some instances to be able to sell anything that you want in any way, doing that is not great for the consumer or for the stability of the industry.

A lot of the general public views Kratom as a dangerous and out-of-control substance, and that is because of unsafe Kratom that has been sold to consumers. These unsafe and adulterated products put people at risk

Here at Left Coast Kratom, we never want to see something like that happen to our customers. While we do our best to keep our products safe, we believe that the entire industry needs a set of guidelines and rules to follow to ensure that consumers are safe no matter which vendor they decide to buy from.

AKA’s Work: Where Protection Has Been Passed

As mentioned previously, AKA has been working very hard on their plan to have Kratom Consumer Protection Acts passed in every state in the US. While they aren’t yet to that point, there are a number of states where some variation of the original model act has been implemented.


Utah was the first state to pass a law about Kratom! The law passed on March 26, 2019, and it outlines very specific protections for consumers. Overall, the final bill in Utah reads very similar to the one created by AKA.


On April 27th, 2019, Georgia passed its version of the Consumer Protection Act. This specific version differs a little bit from that of AKA, but it was adapted in the state very quickly.


Their AKA-inspired Consumer Protection Act for Kratom users was passed onMay 1st, 2019. 


Oregon has yet to pass the bill completely, but it has been approved by the state senate judiciary. Once the house votes on the bill, we believe it will be passed!


Nevada became the 4th state in the US to pass a Kratom Consumer Protection Act not long ago!

Mississippi, Louisiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

There is legislation in the works in all of these states to help protect Kratom consumers. While AKA is fighting potential Kratom bans in Mississippi and Ohio, the work they are doing in Pennsylvania and Louisana is looking to have more positive outcomes in terms of a Consumer Protection Act at this time.

Your State?

If you didn’t see your state’s name on this list yet, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some type of work being done to protect Kratom’s status and consumers in your area. Check out the updates page on AKA’s website and their advocacy toolkit to find the best ways to get involved in protecting the future of Kratom in this country!

The KCPA Really Matters

Kratom is at a precarious turning point in America. The FDA has taken a strong anti-Kratom position due to the lack of strong scientific evidence to prove that Kratom is a safe botanical. One of the best ways that this can be combated is through the KCPA, and that is why we want everyone to do their part in supporting it!